Youth lacrosse in Shelburne, VT

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All players will be played as equally as possible over the course of the season. Players are expected to attend practices and games regularly, however, and absences
from either may affect playing time.  Players may play other sports, but as stated above, absences due to playing another sport may affect playing time.  At the higher grade levels (5/6 and 7/8), there is a greater expectation that the player will make lacrosse a priority.


SYL programs are designed for players to play at grade level (i.e. a 5th grader would play on the 5/6 team).  In regard to the ¾ program, however, 2nd graders will be allowed to practice with the ¾ team. 2nd graders will be allowed to play in league games at the coaches’ discretion and decisions will be based on athleticism and skill of
the player, as well as safety concerns.


Note- The following policy applies to the Boys 5/6 and 7/8 Programs
In cases where there are more players registered for one team than would be appropriate or manageable, a second team will be formed.  Players will be placed on a team where they would face appropriate competition.  Factors to be considered when placing a player would be lacrosse skills, attitude, commitment to the program, and safety.  Players may be moved from one team to another if circumstances change and there is a better fit with another team.  Coaches of the team will make the placement decision.


Spectators and fans will be placed on the opposite side of the field from the table and bench areas.  If the field is laid out in a manner that does not allow spectators and fans to be located on the far side of the field, spectators, fans, and parents will observe the 6-yard spectator limit on the player bench side of the field.


As stated in the Code of Conduct, coaches and players should treat referees respectfully at all times.  If there is an issue with a call or non-call by a referee, the Head Coach of the team should address the referee at the appropriate time.  He/she should wait for a break in the action, approach the referee, and say to the referee, “what did you see on that call?”  Only the Head Coach should address the issue and assistant coaches should not be communicating with the referee from the sidelines.  Assistants should use the chain of command and go through the Head Coach.

Shelburne Parks and Recreation is committed to serving the youth in the town of Shelburne through the various programs we offer. Non-residents are welcome to  the extent we can continue to create a quality youth experience.  Due to the increasing popularity of our Youth Lacrosse Program, we have found that at some levels the quality we strive for is being compromised by the increasing numbers and demands on our resources, including; field space, volunteers, and administration.  Therefore, a maximum number per team will be set at each level and we will allow non-residents to join after the registration deadline if there is space.  Non-residents interested in participating in our program are encouraged to contact us and we will take names on a wait list.  After the registration deadline, those on the wait list will be notified if there is space in the program, which will be offered in the order they came in.  Non-residents will be charged a $10.00 non-resident fee in addition to program fees.

Shelburne Lacrosse encourages parent and other volunteers to coach Shelburne lacrosse teams.  It is recognized, however,  that in a unique sport such as lacrosse that there may not be a volunteer able or willing to coach a lacrosse team.  If there is a situation where a qualified volunteer is not available to coach a Shelburne team, a coach may be given a stipend to coach that team.  The payment of a stipend to a coach will be done on a case by case basis.