Youth lacrosse in Shelburne, VT

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Shelburne Youth Lacrosse has multiple goals.  They are:
1)To provide an opportunity for all children to experience lacrosse. Accordingly, we encourage participation by beginning players and experienced players alike in all of the age groups.
2)To create an environment where all players have fun.
3)To help players develop individual and team play lacrosse skills.
4)To create an environment where players are able to develop their character.  (See the Code of Conduct).
5)To have the players learn the value of teamwork and effort (hard work leads to mastery of a skill).


SYL believes that players and teams will be viewed as successful if they work toward Mastery of lacrosseMastery means players doing three things:
1)EFFORT.  Players are expected to give their best effort every time they come on the field.
2)LEARNING.  Players should strive to continue learning individual  and team play skills during the course of the season.  If players continue to learn players and the team will improve.
3)RESPONDING TO MISTAKES.  Mistakes are part of the learning process and a player can’t learn something as complicated as lacrosse without making mistakes.  In this organization it is OK to make a mistake and players can’t let fear of making a mistake stop them.
The acronym for the Mastery approach to lacrosse is ELM. SYL believes that the Mastery approach can be applied to many other undertakings in life and will have benefits for players beyond lacrosse.